Ebanart produces the furniture that comes as solutions for luxury style
both the classic environment but not less the contemporary house.
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crafts art

Leader in artistic luxury
Flexible to trends of modern living
Design and create your “tailored suit”

Relief measures

We provide the free service of measurement to realize the perfect piece of furniture for your ambient.


After listening to your requirements, our architect will know what to advise in your choices.


We carry out the project before realizing the furniture, also in 3D on request, to undergo.

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A long tradition

The origins of Ebanart date back to the end of the 19th century when the founding member of the family, Guido, started to work in a carpenter's workshop, immediately revealing his passion for art, which over time led him to become an expert connoisseur of wood.

Each piece of Ebanart furniture is made unique by inlay, always created according to the company's exclusive designs and intaglio, strictly hand-finished.


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